Balance Transfer

Balance Transfer

Now you can consolidate your Credit Card outstanding conveniently with the DFCC Credit Card Balance Transfer programme. Save by transferring other credit card balances to your DFCC Credit Card at preferential interest rates.

  • You can transfer your other Credit Card Balances to your DFCC Credit Card and pay in monthly installments with a low handling fee.

  • The minimum balance transfer amount is Rs.20,000/- and the maximum balance transfer amount would be upto 75% of the approved limit of the DFCC Credit Card.

  • You can pay back in equal monthly installments upto 12, 24 months subject to a handling fee.

  • Available tenors and processing fee is as follows:
  • Tenure 03 Months 06 Months 12 Months 24 Months 36 Months
    Per Month Processing Fee 0.83% 0.67%

  • The total amount of the plan will be blocked from the available card balance.

  • The monthly installments will be debited to the card account and the amount represents a split of capital and handling fee.

  • The CBT monthly installment will be billed to the Cardholder on the next billing date.

  • The CBT amount will be transferred to the respective Bank in the form of a CEFTS transfer by debiting the card account.

  • If the Cardholder defaults the minimum payment on the due date, the Bank reserves the right to foreclose the CBT outstanding and debit the entire outstanding amount.

  • In case the Cardholder wishes to settle the CBT before the expiry of the tenor, a written request should be submitted by the Cardholder an early settlement fee of 4% of the remaining CBT outstanding amount will be charged.

  • To apply for a CBT, simply fill the application form and email to or handover to the nearest DFCC Bank branch.

Click here to download the Balance Transfer Application form.