Online Banking

Our Training Opportunities

We are committed to ensuring that employees are given opportunities to harness their optimal potential. Development is viewed as a collective responsibility of both the Bank and the employee. Supervisors also play an important role in coaching, guiding and developing staff by regularly monitoring performance and giving constructive feedback.
In addition, to core technical and soft skills programs applicable to specific grades and/or job roles, employees are given the opportunity, to identify individual training needs in consultation with their supervisor. Appropriate training programs, both local and foreign, are provided based on a needs analysis.

Our Promotional Prospects

Promotions are based on performance and availability of vacancies. The process is objective, scientific and transparent. We regularly review our promotion mechanisms to ensure best practices are adhered to. Those identified for possible promotions to the managerial cadre are required to undergo an assessment center so as to ensure the ‘best people’ with managerial potential are chosen for the available positions. Promotions within the management cadre are generally made depending on vacancies in the cadre or expansion of the Bank’s activities.
The opportunities are many for those who have an inquiring mind, a thirst for knowledge and learning, and a proactive attitude.