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FAQ for interns

  • What is the Management Trainee recruitment process like?
  • If your application is shortlisted to be considered for Management Trainee, a recruiter will contact you to conduct a short telephone interview. At this point, the recruiter is assessing your communication skills and whether you have a confident, well developed personality so as to determine whether you should be shortlisted for the next level of the recruitment process.

    If you are successful at the phone interview, you will be contacted shortly and requested to attend a one day assessment center where you will be put through a series of tasks to ascertain whether you have the required competencies. Successful candidates, on a subsequent day face a psychometric assessment test and a standardized competency based interview with senior managers of the Group. Candidates shortlisted from this interview face a final interview with the CEO.

  • Will I be notified if I am not selected?
  • Due to the large volume of applications we receive, we are unable to inform you at the point of receiving your application whether you have been shortlisted. However, all applicants who have sat for tests/interviews will be notified by email if you have not been successful.

  • How long will the recruitment process take?
  • It varies depending on the role and the number of qualified candidates who have applied for the position. If a large number of suitable candidates have submitted their applications, we would need to interview each of them before finalizing on the shortlisted candidates. Therefore, informing you whether you have been selected for the position/the next round of interviews may take a little time.

  • What can I do to prepare for my interview?
  • Visit our corporate website and familiarize yourself with our products and services. We look for candidates with well rounded personalities who are confident of their abilities, are well prepared for the interview, have done their research and are able to convince us that they are a good fit to our culture and can get the job done.

  • What type of work will I be involved with?
  • As there are many departments and a wide variety of functions across the Group, you will be identified for the position for which your experience and qualifications are most suited for. For specific information with regards to the job role you are being considered for, feel free to request the information from the recruiter who is in contact with you.

    At times it may be difficult to identify the exact vacancy you could be considered for until you have faced an interview. After obtaining more information about your experience and taking into consideration your preferences, the interview panel would then be able to assess which position may be the best fit for you. Therefore, at the end of the interview please ask for further information regarding the position you are being considered for from the interview panel.

internship at dfcc

Get a flavour of the professional world while still studying by becoming an intern at DFCC. Our internship programme enables you to sharpen your skills through experiential and classroom learning.

Call us to find out about our program, and get the professional exposure that you need to enhance your career prospects!

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