CBSL Incentive Scheme on Worker Remittances

CBSL Incentive Scheme on
Worker Remittances

New incentive scheme for worker remittances implemented by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.



The incentive scheme has implemented by the Government of Sri Lanka as to attract more worker remittances to the country through formal fund transferring channels.

Accordingly Rs. 2.00 per US Dollar (USD) above the normal exchange rate for the foreign exchange remittances sent by foreign workers or foreign income received for local service providers will be paid back to the worker or their beneficiaries.

Modes of receipt of Worker Remittances Funds

  • Inward Remittances
  • Lanka Money Transfer Services (LMT)
  • SLIPS/CEFT/RTGS from other Banks
  • Over the counter Foreign Currency En-cashment
  • Western Union Payments
  • To Personal Foreign Currency Accounts (PFCA) converted to Rupees (LKR)

Documents to be submitted

The following documents are mandatory to obtain the CBSL incentive of LKR 2.00 per USD.

  • Employment Contract (with the expiry date)
  • The salary slip pertaining to the relevant remittance
  • Duly signed bank declaration

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