DFCC Krushibala Loan Scheme

DFCC Krushibala Loan Scheme

“DFCC Krushibala” loan scheme is specially designed for the customers who are engaged in the agriculture sector including cultivation, processing, warehousing, organic fertilizer manufacturing and any other agriculture related sectors. The loan scheme will give more preference to women led businesses. Women involvement can be of any form such as Entrepreneurial/ Management/Beneficiary/Employment etc.

Eligible Sectors

Eligible Sectors

Customers engaged in the Agricultural sector

  • Cultivation (Tea, Rubber, Coconut, Floriculture, Rotational Crop Cultivation, Intercropping
  • Fisheries, livestock, dairy
  • Agriculture Processing (rice milling, grain legume processing, fruit and vegetable processing, dehydration, etc.)
  • Warehousing and enhanhancing storage facilities
  • Development of commercial agriculture and hi-tech agriculture (Control Environmental Agriculture, Export Agriculture Crops, Organic Farming, Nursery, Seed Production, drip irrigation, tissue culture, Control Environmental Agriculture, etc.)
  • Introducing / Capacity enhancement of organic fertilizer manufacturing

Loan Amount

  • Minimum LKR 500,000/-
  • Maximum LKR 100,000,000/-

Facilities offered

  • Project Loan
  • Working Capital Loan
  • Leasing (Only for the clients obtained Project Loan or Working Capital Loan under the above scheme)


  • Project Loan – 7 years including a grace period of 2 years
  • Working Capital Loan – 5 Years including a grace period of 2 years
  • Leasing – 5 Years

Interest Rates

  • 8.00% p.a


01. Am I eligible to obtain this loan facility?
Yes if you are in the agriculture or agriculture related business ( you may refer the eligible sectors detailed above).

02. How do I apply for a loan?
You can either apply online through our website or you may visit the nearest DFCC branch.

03. Is it mandatory to have business registration to obtain a loan?

04. Is there any age limit for borrowers?
Generally 18-60 years; however, case-by-case considerations are made based on the viability of the business/project.

05. What are the collateral that I need to submit?
Vary according to the nature of the project.
Project/business asset is considered for collateral and if a need arises you may require offering additional security.

06. How long will it take to process the loan?
Provided that all the required documents and information are submitted, the loan will be processed within 2 weeks.

07. I am an exporter. Can I get the loan in a different currency other than LKR?

08. Whom should I contact to get more details?
Please call over our 24 hr hotline 011-2350000 or nearest branch.