E-Friends II Revolving Fund (GLS)

E-Friends II Revolving Fund(GLS)

Eligible sub projects

Eligible sub projects

  • Equipment for end-of-pipe treatment and/or equipment that will lead to reduced emissions and/or to a lower production of waste by enterprise enabling them to comply with the National Environment standards;
  • Equipment that leads to substantial reduction in the use of resources by existing equipment & machinery, or the phasing out of hazardous substances;
  • Equipment that will substantially improve the safety of work places, especially with regard to the exposure of workers to potentially hazardous substances or noise, etc;
  • Investments related to the relocation of highly polluting industries to special industrial estates that are equipped with waste treatment plants and investments by enterprises that set up and operate such treatment plants; and
  • Equipment for the monitoring of pollutants in connection with (a), (b), (c) or (d).
  • Investments leading to elimination of the use of asbestos, hazardous substances or CFCs.

The investment in fixed assets, excluding land and buildings (owned or leased) at original book value should not exceed Rs. 250 Mn on completion of the sub-project.

Maximum sub loan amount


Interest rate


Loan Tenor

10 years (Including Max grace period 2 years