Hiflex Personal Loan

Personal Loan

A Personal Loan coupled with an overdraft facility for high net-worth fixed income earners.



  • A Minimum Gross Income of Rs.250,000.00 (Basic + Fixed Allowances + 90% of other income)
  • Employees in Senior Management cadre and above in Blue-chip companies and Employers approved by DFCC
  • 55 years of age or 60 years subject to Employer Confirmation

Overdraft Facility

Maximum – 90% of one month’s salary


The Hiflex Personal Loan could be obtained for a maximum period of 5 years on equated monthly Instalments (where your capital plus interest is a fixed sum)

In the event the applicant exceeds 55 years of age, employer confirmation with regard to age of retirement is required.

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How to Apply

Download the application form, complete and submit same to any DFCC branch or fill in the inquiry form given below and we will contact you.

You may also visit a branch of your choice to apply for the loan.

Documents to be Submitted

  • Duly completed Application Form
  • Accepted Terms & Conditions
  • A certified copy of one’s National Identity Card, Driving License or Passport.
  • Assignment over salary – Letter of undertaking from employer on DFCC prescribed format or confirmed Standing Order Click here
  • Letter of undertaking from applicant to route other income to DFCC.
  • Latest Salary Slip (Original/Certified) if variable allowances are to be considered 03 months original/certified to be submitted.
  • Current/Savings account statements for the past 03 months.
  • Additional sources of income such as rent and income from lease will be considered provided documentary evidence is submitted.

Digital Banking

Interest Rate

Tools & Support


Contact us

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