Power Leasing

Power Leasing

DFCC Power Leasing makes it simpler than ever, to own the vehicle of your dreams.



DFCC Power Leasing is a special Leasing solution with a residual payment coupled with an option to rollover the residual amount for a further period.

Maximum residual amounts

Lease Tenor Maximum Residual Percentage
Up to 3 Years 40% of the market value
4 Years 35% of the market value
5 Years 30% of the market value


Personal vehicles such as motor cars, SUVs, Vans and Double Cabs of Japanese, European and Korean origin could be leased under. Year of manufacture should be within 7 years at the time of granting the lease facility.

Maximum lease amount depends on the value of the vehicle subject to the maximum Loan to Value (LTV) limits imposed by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.


Individuals, SMEs and registered companies.


Initial repayment period of 5 years with the option to rollover for another period of 3 years subject to the age of the vehicle is within the stipulated criteria.

Methods of Apply

  • Download the application form, complete and submit same to any DFCC Bank branch
  • Fill in the inquiry form given below and we will contact you
  • Visit the nearest DFCC Bank branch

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