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    • Promotion – 0% Easy Payment Plans
    • Installment Tenures
      • 3 months – 0%
      • 6 months  – 0%
      • 7 months – 1.57% p.m
      • 9 months – 1.33% p.m
      • 12 months  – 1.29% p.m
    • EPP Set Up Fee:LKR 1500
    • Promotion Period: 05 May – 30 September 2022
    • Minimum Transaction Value: LKR 10,000
    • Maximum Transaction Value: LKR 600,000-

Expires on September 30, 2022(94)-011-235-0000

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Offer Duration

Valid from 5 May 2022 - 30 September 2022


0% Easy Payment Plans

  1. This offer is valid from 05 May – 30 September 2022 both days included.
  2. The transaction needs to be performed during this period.
  3. Minimum per transaction value would be LKR 10,000/- and the maximum transaction value is LKR 600,000/-
  4. Payments can be made with 2 options as below:
    1. Option 1: Pay and Call: Cardholder needs to perform the transaction and call DFCC Call Center on 011 2350000 within 14 days of performing the transaction to convert it into an installment plan.
    2. Option 2: Call to Pay: Cardholder can call DFCC Card Centre on 0112350000 and obtain a cheque favoring the school.
  5. Cardholder should provide the details in order to issue a cheque (Pay order) favoring the school.
  6. (Eg. Name of the school, child’s admission number etc). Collection of the cheque (Pay order) will be from DFCC Bank Branch.
  7. Admission & School Fee payments of Nursery to Advance Level, performed at Nursery, Local Semi Government Schools, Private Schools and International Schools will be considered under this program.
  8. If a Pay order is requested an issuance charge of LKR 400/- will be charged to the Cardholder.
  9. In case of a Pay order cancellation requested by the Cardholder, LKR 1000/- will be charged as pay order cancellation fee.
  10. General Credit card Terms and Conditions apply. Visit dfcc.lkfor details.
  11. The Bank reserves the right to modify or change the Terms and Conditions applicable for the offer.
  12. In the event of any dispute, the decision of the Bank shall be final.