Management Trainee Program

The DFCC Management Trainee program is well recognized and continues to be a core development activity of the Bank. We are selective in our recruitment process and shortlisted candidates are required to undergo an assessment center and competency based interviews. We recognize the need to provide our young recruits with every opportunity to become world class leaders and to this end; our Management Trainees are provided with personalized attention and opportunities for growth. In addition to on-the-job coaching and rotations, Management Trainees are also provided with extensive class room based training averaging approximately 200 man hours during the first year.

The performance of Management Trainees is carefully observed during the first year and regular feedback on strengths and areas for improvement is identified by the immediate supervisor and discussed with the respective Trainee. The Management Trainees meet with the HR Department on a regular basis to discuss their progress and any issues or difficulties they may come across.

At the end of the training period the Management Trainees who have performed satisfactorily are absorbed into the permanent cadre and placed in permanent positions. Permanent placement is decided on a number of factors including, but not limited to; the specific employee’s strengths, their preferences, the availability of positions and the overall strategy of the Group.

All new Management Trainees are also encouraged to join the DFCC Reds Club to help them assimilate better to the Group, its culture and each other. The club organizes events and opportunities for new recruits to interact with each other and become acquainted with other employees of the Group. The club also provides opportunities for new recruits to give their inputs on pilot and one off projects of the Bank and provides a view point from the perspective of the new generation.

DFCC Reds enjoying an outbound training session