DFCC Chatz

DFCC Chatz

Welcome to DFCC Chatz, the interactive and multi-channel chatbot that revolutionizes communication. A seamless customer experience is paramount to DFCC Bank; DFCC Chatz facilitates queries in the user's selected language to assist them through tailored processes warmly and courteously. DFCC Chatz will be accessible on various platforms, including the DFCC Bank website, Facebook, Messenger, Viber and WhatsApp, while complex inquiries will be routed to a 24 Hour live agent.

Benefits of DFCC Chatz

Benefits of DFCC Chatz

With this solution, customers can connect with DFCC Bank conveniently anywhere at any time.

  • 24×7 Availability
  • Provides instant responses to queries
  • Multi-channel Availability
  • Option of live agent assistance
  • Trilingual – customers can chat with the chatbot in their preferred language

Digital mediums DFCC Chatz is available on

  • The DFCC Bank Website
  • Facebook and Messenger
  • Viber
  • Whatsapp

How to get started with DFCC Chatz

  • Customers can just simply send a “Hi” via our Website, Messenger and Viber.
  • Simply save the DFCC “Whatsapp Chatz number (077 023 5000)” and simply send us a “Hi”.

DFCC Chatz caters to

  • DFCC Chatz caters to both potential and existing customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 01. What is DFCC Chatz?
      • DFCC Chatz is an interactive, multi-channel chatbot that helps consumers with uncomplicated requests.
  2. 02. DFCC Chatz can be accessed through:
      • DFCC Bank Website
      • Messenger
      • Viber
      • Whatsapp
  3. 03. What language options are available on DFCC Chatz?
      • English
      • Sinhala
      • Tamil
  4. 04. What does DFCC Chatz provide customers?
      • DFCC Chatz provides customers basic information about DFCC Bank and any products and services under the DFCC portfolio. Furthermore, for any complex queries, customers can also chat with a live agent.
  5. 05. Can you check your account balances or credit balances through DFCC Chatz ?
      • No, you cannot.
  6. 06. What tasks can I perform using DFCC Chatz?
      • You can ask for any information about DFCC Bank including information on products and services.