DFCC Green Loan

DFCC Green Loan

DFCC Bank has introduced a special loan scheme for purchasing Sustainable Power Generation Equipment such as solar panels and other equipment for SLASSCOM member companies and employees of such companies with special interest rates.



The IT/BPM industry in Sri Lanka is one of the highest net foreign currency earners. According to SLASSCOM, the national chamber for the IT/BPM industry in Sri Lanka, vision for 2025 is to generate USD 5 Bn revenue. In order to support the industry’s continuity and growth in the current context, DFCC Bank has introduced a special green loan scheme for SLASSCOM member companies and employees of such companies to purchase Sustainable Power Generation Equipment.


  • Purchase of on-grid / off-grid Power Generation Systems which will be used for residential or commercial purposes
  • Cost of the equipment (Battery, inverter, solar panels, etc) and installation charges only could be considered for financing
  • Reimbursements will be considered for payments made within 3 months subject to proof of payment to the relevant vendor
  • Supplier should be currently registered with Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority


Salaried Employees / Professionals

  • Should be a fixed income earning employee in a SLASSCOM member company
  • Minimum monthly gross income of LKR 50,000 (Basic salary + Fixed Allowances)
  • Should be in the confirmed permanent employment with minimum one year continuous total employment
  • Age between 18 to retirement, subject to the loan being fully repaid before the date of retirement

SLASSCOM Member Companies

As per the existing guidelines applicable for this segment.

Loan Amount

  • Maximum Loan amount – Salaried Employees & Professionals – LKR 5 Mn
  • SLASSCOM Member Companies – LKR 30 Mn

Up to 80% of the project cost to be financed through this scheme.

Customer should first introduce the equity contribution and the Bank will undertake to pay the balance to the Supplier.

Balance payment will be made to the supplier directly after installation of equipment.

Interest Rate

Salaried Employees & Professionals

  • Fixed up to 6 years – 15.0% p.a.
  • Variable – AWPLR + 3% p.a.

SLASSCOM Member Companies

  • Fixed up to 6 years – 15.0% p.a.
  • Variable – AWPLR+4% for BBB & above ratings
  • Variable – AWPLR+4.5% Below BBB ratings

Interest rates are subject to change as per the ALCO decisions

Loan Tenure/Repayment Period

Maximum loan tenure would be 6 years*
subject to loan is repaid in full prior to 30.09.2028

Documents to be submitted

Salaried Employees/ Professionals

  • Duly completed Loan application form
  • Accepted Terms & Conditions
  • Certified copy of the National Identity Card
  • Latest 3 months original/certified salary slips
  • If applicable, documentary proof for variable income for the immediate past 3 months
  • CRIB report of the applicant
  • Employment confirmation and salary assignment issued by the employer on company letterhead as per the standard prescribed formats of DFCC Bank
  • Copy of the Invoice from the supplier confirming the selling price

SLASSCOM Member Companies

As per existing guidelines for business income clients.

Additionally, a copy of the Invoice from the supplier confirming the selling price should be obtained

How to apply

Visit the closest DFCC Branch

Contact us

24*7 hotline – 0112 350000