DFCC Junior Account

DFCC Junior Account

Designed to cultivate the habit of saving in kids, this account provides your child with a range of special gifts and benefits.

Gifts Include

Gifts Include

LKR 1,000


unnamed (2)

LKR 5,000

Water Bottle

LKR 10,000

School Bag

LKR 20,000

Stationery Pack

unnamed (2)

LKR 30,000

Power Bank

LKR 50,000

Bluetooth Radio

unnamed (2)GIFT VOUCHERLKR 7,500

LKR 100,000

LKR 7,500 Worth
of Gift Voucher

unnamed (2)GIFT VOUCHERLKR 10,000

LKR 150,000

LKR 10,000 Worth
of Gift Voucher

unnamed (2)GIFT VOUCHERLKR 20,000

LKR 250,000

LKR 20,000 Worth
of Gift Voucher

unnamed (2)GIFT VOUCHERLKR 45,000

LKR 500,000

LKR 45,000 Worth
of Gift Voucher

Other Rewards

  • DFCC Bank also rewards children who excel in the Grade 5 scholarship examination with cash benefits.
  • Each mark in excess of 150, would receive a reward of LKR 150 (LKR 5,000 or above to be deposited to the account during the promotional period).


  • For new borns upto to 18 years of age. (To be eligible for gifts, account should be opened before 15 years of age)
  • Initial deposit – LKR 500

How to Apply

Digital Banking (for Guardian)

Interest Rate

Tools & Support