Export Services

Export Services

Our dedicated, competent and experienced International trade team offers timely, efficient and customized solutions be it standard or complex trade transactions for exports.



  • Advising of Letters of Credit

Facility of notifying that Letters of Credit have been received on behalf of exporters from issuing banks around the globe.

  • Handling Transferable Letters of Credit

Transfers of Letters of Credit received on behalf of exporters/sellers to second beneficiary(s) or suppliers on behalf of first beneficiary.

  • Confirmation of Letters of Credit

Adding our confirmation to Letters of Credit and undertaking to make payment against credit compliant documents.

  • Negotiation of Export documents under LC

Assist customers to prepare the documentation required under export Letters of Credit and scrutinize the export LC documents to avoid discrepancies and obtain payment for goods and services provided by the clients (exporters/suppliers).

  • Handling Export Bills on Collections

Processing of export bills on DP/DA terms, enabling exporters to receive proceeds for goods and services provided to their buyers.

  • Purchase / Discount of Export bills

Discounting usance bills under Import and Export Letters of Credit and Bills Avalized, improving cash flow.

  • Pre-shipment Financing

Fulfil short term fund requirements of exporters to procure raw materials and carry out manufacturing processes.