Eligible Sectors

Eligible Sectors

Registered Small or Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) with,

  • An annual turnover less than Rs. 750 million
  • Having less than 300 employees if in the manufacturing sector or less than 200 employees if in the service sector

(The scheme is unavailable for businesses in the trading, leasing, and renting sectors.)

Grant Eligibility - Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative - (We-Fi)

At least 51% of the ownership must be controlled by women.


Shall fulfil ALL (3) the following criteria.

  • At least 20% of the enterprise ownership must be controlled by women
  • A Woman is either the Chief Executive Officer (i.e., the most Senior Manager) OR Chief Operations Officer (i.e., the second most Senior Manager) and
  • At least 30% of the board members are women where a board exists

The early settlement will not be allowed for borrowers who have obtained the grant component.

Targeted SMEs

Led by women:

  • Located outside the Colombo District (SMEs in the Colombo District are eligible if they are women-led first-time borrowers seeking non-collateralised working capital loans). The location of the business shall be requested to determine the district.
  • Utilising the loan for working capital against which fixed or financial assets are not pledged (non-collateralised working capital)
  • No prior experience borrowing from a licensed commercial bank or licensed specialised bank

Priority Sectors

Agriculture, Agro processing, Manufacturing, Fisheries, Tourism, Animal husbandry and Export oriented businesses.

Qualified Sub Loans

Long-term Investment Loans, Non-collateralised Working Capital Loans and Joint Loans (investment + non-collateralised working capital).

Maximum Sub Loan Amount

  • Rs. 30 million (with grant)
  • Rs. 50 million (for non-grant)

Tenor of Sub Loan

Maximum 6 1/2 years, including a 24-month grace period. (Maturity is limited to 01.06.2030)

Interest Rate

based on loan tenor and customer risk rating.

Terms and Conditions apply*


01. Am I eligible to obtain an SME facility?

  • Your business should be a registered business entity with an annual turnover below Rs 750 Million, and the number of employees should be less than 300 if the business is in the manufacturing sector or less than 200 employees if the business is in the service sector. If your business has a parent-subsidiary relationship, both entities' turnover and employee numbers will be counted.
  • The decision to grant the facility will be made based on the viability of the proposal.
02. What if the business is still under registration?

  • If the customer has not obtained the business registration (BR) yet, evidence of the application for registration, such as a letter from the relevant authority, application fee payment receipts etc., may be accepted.
03. Do I have to offer collateral?

  • The bank may request suitable collateral.
04. What are the required documents?

You will be required to provide any documents requested by the Bank including the following:

  • Duly filled Loan Application
  • Copy of the Business Registration Certificate /NIC of applicants
  • For sole proprietorship and partnership – Certificate of registration
  • For Private Limited Company – Form 01 and other related forms with the details of the directors, company address etc.
  • Financial Statements (Audited/Certified/Management etc.)
  • Supporting documents for accounts, including bank statements
  • Supplier invoices/quotations/Certified BOQs as applicable to support the request
  • Valid Environmental Protection Licenses (EPLs) where applicable
  • Any other documents required by the Bank for the approval process
05. Who should I contact to get more information?

  • Refer the branch contact details or contact 0112350000.