Smile III Revolving Fund


Smile III Revolving Fund is a general loan scheme designed to support the manufacturing industries and industry related service sectors.

The Small and Micro Industry Leader and Entrepreneur Promotion Project Revolving Fund SMILE III (RF)

The Small and Micro Industry Leader and Entrepreneur Promotion Project Revolving Fund SMILE III (RF)

  • General Loan Scheme (GLS)
  • Technical Transfer Assistance Scheme (TTAS)


The Small and Micro Industry Leader and Entrepreneur (SMILE) Promotion Project, also known as SMILE III RF General Loan Scheme, is offered in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce to support the manufacturing and industry-related service sectors.


The SMILE III (RF) TTAS is designed to support training costs on upgrading staff’s accounting, managerial, and technical skills, consultancy cost, quality control and laboratory equipment.    

Eligible Sub-borrowers

  • Small and Medium Scale sole proprietorship, partnership, cooperative society, limited liability company, or any other privately owned enterprise for start-up or expansion
  • The investment in fixed assets (at original book value, excluding land and buildings owned or leased) should not exceed Rs.100Mn on completion of the sub-project.
  • Minimum equity contribution of 25%

Eligible Sectors

Small and Micro Industry sub-sectors, identified as thrust areas by this Ministry, would be prioritised to be developed through this scheme. The highest priority will be extended to the manufacturing industrial sector.

Key Features of SMILE III RF (GLS and TTAS)

Key Features General Loan Scheme (GLS) Technical Transfer Assistance Scheme (TTAS)
Eligible Sub-projects Any purchase of machinery that:

  • Generates income
  • Increases production capacity
  • Increases operations level
  • Improves quality
  • Improves price competitiveness
  • To upgrade the accounting, managerial, and technical skills of the sub project staff
  • To facilitate operation, management, and implementation of projects by way of consultancy
  • To purchase quality control equipment and laboratory equipment to upgrade the quality of end products
Sub Loan Amounts Rs. 25Mn Rs. 2.5Mn
Interest Rate 8% Fixed 5% fixed
Debt: Equity 75:25 100:0
Maximum Tenure of the Loan 3-10 years including max. 24 months grace 7 years including max. 24 months grace

Special Conditions

  • Priority will be given to rural areas.
  • Districts of the Western Province will be given less priority.

** Terms and Conditions apply


1.Am I eligible to obtain a SMILE III facility?

If you are a micro and small-scale entrepreneur engaged in the manufacturing sector with an overall project cost not exceeding Rs. 100Mn (excluding land and building) and willing to make a minimum 25% equity contribution, you may apply for clearance of the SMILE III facility.

2.What is the maximum loan amount under this loan scheme?

Rs. 25.0Mn under General Loan Scheme and Rs. 2.5under Technical Transfer Assistance Scheme.

3.Do I have to offer collateral?

The Bank may request suitable collateral.

4. What are the required documents?

You will be required to provide any documents requested by the Bank, including the following:

  • Duly filled Loan Application
  • Invoice/Quotation or any other supporting documents as required
  • Copy of NIC of applicants/the Business Registration Certificate and related documents
  • Financial Statements (Records/Audited/Certified/Management etc.)
  • Valid Environmental Protection Licenses (EPLs) where applicable
  • Any other documents required by the Bank for the approval process.

5.Who should I contact for more information?

5.Refer the branch contact details or contact 0112350000?