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Registration for
the E-Statements

DFCC Bank eStatements provide; monthly consolidated statements and interactive credit card email statements. The service can be obtained at no cost, whilst saving your time waiting for mail and completing your reconciliations efficiently.

Registration for the E-Statements


The registration process for the Bank account / Credit Card E-statement

01. Simply call our 24×7 Contact Centre on 0112350000 from your registered phone number with the Bank.
02. In the event, your phone no is not registered with the Bank, please visit the nearest branch to update your information. Branch Network
Use the message option available on DFCC Online Banking

In the event, you require a printed Bank/Credit Card statement please follow the below steps.

01. Contact the nearest Branch and inform your requirement.
02. After evaluating your request, Branch will make arrangements to send the statement to the registered address of the account holder.
03. Please refer to the Customer Tariff for the applicable rates except for the April 2022 Bank Statement.