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Dear Valued Customers,

1. DFCC credit and debit cardholders who will be traveling overseas and intend to use the cards are advised to call our 24 hour Contact Center on 011 235 00 00 to inform the following details prior to departure:

  • Issued type of Visa. A copy of the passport photo and Visa page should be provided to the Bank
  • Duration and Purpose of travel. A copy of the air travel ticket should be provided to the Bank
  • Contact details whilst overseas

2. The maximum weekly foreign currency usage on DFCC credit and debit cards will be restricted with effect from 20th September 2022 as follows for new and existing travel plans:

Transaction Type Weekly Amount
ATM Withdrawals Not Allowed
All Credit and Debit Cards(Excluding Pinnacle) LKR 300,000
Pinnacle Credit and Debit Cards LKR 500,000

Transaction Type – ATM Withdrawals Weekly Amount
Both Credit and Debit Prestige and Pinnacle Cards and World MasterCard credit card LKR 62,500
All other Debit and Credit Cards LKR 25,000

  • For cardholders with multiple credit/debit cards, the travel plan will be updated only on a single card. The card that will be used overseas will need to be chosen by the cardholder when making the request.
  • In case the primary and supplementary cardholders are traveling together, the overseas usage limit assigned on the primary card needs to be shared by both cardholders.
  • In case a supplementary cardholder is travelling overseas without the primary cardholder, the overseas usage request must be made by the primary cardholder.
  • Definition of ‘week’ – The start of the week is counted from the date the first foreign currency transaction is performed.

3. Please make sure that contact details with the Bank are upto date. Please call our 24 hour Contact Centre on 011 235 00 00 to update the latest email, phone number and mailing address.