Fixed Deposit

Fixed Deposit

DFCC Fixed Deposits offers you the Highest interest Rates in Sri Lanka . Apart from that DFCC Fixed deposits can be opened with a minimum amount of funds in LKR, USD and other Denominations. Preferential interest rates can be negotiated depending on the size of the deposit.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Minimum deposit – LKR 10,000
  • Interest can be retrieved monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, annually or at maturity.
  • Fixed deposits can also be used as collateral in the event of obtaining a credit facility.
  • Preferential interest rates can be arranged for exceptionally large deposits.


  • Individuals above 18 years of age and entities

Interest Rate

DFCC Bank offers you the highest Fixed Deposit (FD) rates in Sri Lanka to maximize earnings with utmost reliability and a higher rate of interest for your hard-earned savings.

How to Apply

Digital Banking

Senior Citizen Interest Rates

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