Lanka Money Transfer (LMT)

Lanka Money Transfer (LMT)

Lanka Money Transfer (LMT) service is a secure platform owned by DFCC Bank which enables you to send money to Sri Lanka from Israel, Oman, Qatar, UAE and many other countries.



Lanka Money Transfer (LMT) service is a platform owned by DFCC Bank which enables remittances direct to accounts. DFCC has partnered with 11 banks in Sri Lanka to provide the service to large network of banks and Branches Island wide.

Partner banks

LMT Financial Partner Organizations

1. DFCC Bank

2. HDFC Bank

3. HNB

4. Pan Asia Bank

5. RDB


7. UNION Bank


9. CDB

10. Sarvodaya Development Finance

11. Amana Bank


Benefits of LMT Service (Remittances)

1. Money arrives directly to your bank account.

2. Remittance happen instantly with no downtime.

3. Available at over 1300 Branches countrywide.

4. Network of more than 500 Locations in UAE, Qatar, Oman, Israel, South Korea and Italy.

5. Secure and convenient way of remitting money.

6. Withdrawal money from nearly 4100 ATMs linked to LankaPay. If you are an account holder with a Debit Card.

Exchange Houses

Exchange Houses partnered for remittances country wise

DFCC Bank has partnered with number of overseas agents and offers a range of remittance services exclusively designed for those working and living abroad to send money to Sri lanka to their family members and loved once in a faster and secure way.

NO. Country Country Flag Exchange Company Logo
1 Israel
2 Oman
3 Qatar
5 South Korea
6 Hong Kong
7 Italy
8 Singapore
9 Australia
10 New Zealand
11 Japan

Foreign Representatives

Foreign Representatives or Business Promotion officers

DFCC Bank has placed the following staff to provide personalized service to Sri Lankans working and living abroad.

Name: Sajitha Kevitiyagala – Israel

MOB: 054-899-8878


Name: Viraj Udugama – Dubai

MOB: +971551223859


Name: Laleen Ruberu – Qatar

MOB: +97466651567